2016-04-27 004

Custom Budding

Chip bud grafts.  Minimum order of 30 budded rootstocks.  Price varies depending on rootstock, scion/bud variety, and season.  Availability varies by rootstock/variety.  Single or double budding options for multi-axis trees.  Shipping in spring or fall, but advance purchase required (order early!).  Call 509-619-5679 for details.  Shipping not included.


Cameron 2

Bud118 Rootstock

Budagovsky 118: extremely winter hardy stock that requires minamal support.  Precocity is similar to an EMLA 106.  Resistant to collar rot and apple scab.  Sold individually.  Minimum order of 10.  Call for discount pricing on orders of 100+.  Shipping not included.