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2017 WSU Charity Auction

Apples available this year for the WSU Charity Auction:


Apples available this year from Topcliffe Farm:

Century Steep Cider

Apples available this year from Century Steep Cider:

Steury Orchards

Apples available this year from Steury Orchards:


Apples available this year from CiderAuction:

Other Varieties available this year from CiderAuction:

-Bittersweet Blend (Dabinett, Harry Masters Jersey, Yarlington Mill, Kingston Black, Golden Russet)
-Single Strength Tart Cherry Juice (8oz bottles)

Budded (chip bud graft) cider apple trees:
-Kingston Black on Bud118 (single and double budded for single or bi-axis trees)

Scion/Bud Wood (numerous varieties)

Custom budded trees (order early!)

Next auction starts
early summer

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