How It Works

Apple Cider in Bottle and Glass

Know Your Farmer, Orchard, and Apples

CiderAuction provides specific details on who grew your apples so you can purchase juice with confidence and celebrate the fruits of their labor.

Know Your Juice

CiderAuction presses apples and then analyzes juice samples of every batch so that cider makers know exactly what tannin, acid, brix, and pH juice they are bidding on and how that juice will affect their final cider blend

Registration Required

CiderAuction needs each cider maker to register, acknowledging disclaimers associated with juice meant solely for fermentation and further processing.

Online Cider Auction

With registered and approved buyers, the next, week long, cider auction will start in late Spring.  Everything is auctioned off to the highest bidder with no reserves.

Product Shipment

You know your location, operation, and cider making needs best.  Cider makers can email to arrange and pay for shipment of their purchased cider from Washington State.  CiderAuction can provide shipping suggestions, but the buyers are responsible for approving a shipment method. CiderAuction is only liable for product quality until it is transferred to the cider maker's vehicle in Washington or shipping company of their choice.  Shipping natural juice (not from concentrate) is expensive, but worth it to make amazing cider!

Stay Informed!

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